Business zone

Business zone Valpovo is situated in the southern part of the town, on the right sided at the entrance to the town from direction of Bizovac. It is intended for service and business purposes and has the surface area of 51,678 sq.m. The Zone comprises of 11 construction plots having average size of 4,600 sqm., with possibility of integration of several plots into one. There are 5 entrepreneurs conducting their business in the zone, with 69 employees. Activities to be performed in the Zone are: trading, catering, service and business services. Business zone is furnished with complete infrastructure (road, water supply (54 cu.m./h), effluent disposal system, electricity supply (630 kW), gas supply and phone).

Business conditions in Zone
The following business terms and conditions are currently valid in Business zone:


Name of local self-government unit: THE TOWN OF VALPOVO
Name of entrepreneurial zone: BUSINESS ZONE
Name of location-place: VALPOVO
Zone address (street): BIZOVAČKA STREET


Physical plans: PPUG
Land surface area under physical plan (sqm.): 51.678 m2
Detailed designs: MAIN PROJECTS
Allocation of land performed: YES
Number of construction plots: 11 PLOTS
Average size of construction plot: PLOT AVERAGE SIZE : 4,600 sqm.; IT IS POSSIBLE TO INTEGRATE SEVERAL PLOTS INTO ONE; THE LARGEST PLOT: 9,400 sqm; THE SMALLES PLOT: 1.510 sqm
Plots available for sale: NO PLOTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE
Price of 1sqm.of construction plot: ACCORDING TO MARKET CONDITIONS ; kn 200 / sqm.
Utility contribution 1 cu.m.: kn 26.00 / cu.m.
Investments into zone made so far: kn 4,012.260,00
Total number of employers in zone: 7 ENTREPRENEURS
Number of entrepreneurs operating in zone: 5 ENTREPRENEURS
Entrepreneurs operating in zone: Plodine d.d. ; Lidl d.o.o.k.d. ; Prima Commerce d.o.o.; Europetrol d.o.o.; Coffee bar XXL
Number of employees: 69
Activities performed in zone: trading, catering, service and business services
Condition of utility infrastructure: BUILT: roads, water supply, sewage system, electricity supply, gas supply, phone
Installed energetic supply capacities in zone: ELECTRICITY: 630 kW; WATER: 54 cu.m./h
Benefits given to entrepreneurs in zone: Possible lowering of communal rate and utility contribution; sales of plots at deferred payments or loan; land sale at lower prices

Entrepreneurs operating in business zone
There are 5 entrepreneurs conducting their business in Zone with total of 69 employees . Activities performed in Zone are: trading, catering, service and business services.

Plodine d.d.
LIDL d.o.o.k.d.
Prima Commerce d.o.o.
Europetrol d.o.o
Caffe bar XXL

Detailed urban plan of Business zone