Entrepreneurial zones of the town of Valpovo

For the purpose of development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship the Town of Valpovo initiated a project of construction of entrepreneurial zones.

Development of entrepreneurial zones is subject to adoption of physical planning documents and provision of required construction land. Physical Plan and Urban Development Plan of the Town of Valpovo were adopted in accordance with the prescribed procedure. They include further creation of business zones, i.e. expansion of business zones with future integration of the whole area into one business zone. The mayor of Valpovo Leon Žulj has launched the initiative to expand the Small Enterprise Zone to the above location and its integration with Business Zone K-VI which will represent an integral whole in terms of infrastructure and business. In such a way, next to the planned Industrial zone, located to the south of the Valpovo ring-road, next to the state road D 570, Valpovo will be surrounded with an economic ring meeting all prerequisites for development of various economic activities.

Such a concept of development of entrepreneurship and economy in Valpovo will have direct impact in future on development of local entrepreneurial sector and attraction of entrepreneurs from other regions who will, after having evaluated all advantages, decide to conduct their business in Valpovo. By implementation of this project the Town of Valpovo will get not only new infrastructure but also new economic operators and new jobs.